A Simple Guide to Wearing Lace

Lace is an intricate, timeless fabric that always imparts an air of elegance to anyone who wears it. When shopping for a vintage lace dress, there is more to consider than simply which style is the most beautiful. This guide will help you navigate the gorgeous vintage styles you may encounter and help you find the perfect fit for your fashion sense.

Types of Lace



Alencon lace is a delicate fabric with French origins. Characterized by floral patterns embroidered upon a sheer net background, this elegant fabric is extremely common when it comes to vintage lace dresses. It often lends itself to creating a beautiful scalloped edging on the hem of dresses and gowns made with this fabric.


downton-abbey-tea-party-gown-in-ivory-by-natayaChantilly lace is nothing short of classic and sophisticated. Also created in France, this light, gauzy lace features complex floral patterns that are incredibly pleasing to the eye. Often ornamental, this fabric is frequently used in high-quality vintage lace dresses.With that said, it also exists frequently in modern fashions as well, especially when it comes to bridal fashions.


lace-floral-western-shawl-by-marrika-nakkGuipure lace always makes a statement. Often featured on vintage lace dresses from the 1950s and 1960s, you can identify this lace by spotting its trademark beautiful and bold patterning. Thicker than other vintage laces, it has a crochet-inspired look that often covers a simple, elegant lining.

How to Wear It

Dresses made of Alencon or Chantilly lace are lightweight and delicate. The fabric is like a beautiful spiderweb that harkens back to a more sophisticated time. Vintage lace dresses featuring these intricate fabrics will make you feel like a classic beauty. Pair these incredible dresses with other ladylike accessories, like vintage-inspired hair accessories, a clutch purse, and the perfect pair of T-strap heels.

Vintage lace dresses featuring a Guipure lace overlay tend to have a more modern and contemporary style than dresses made from French-inspired laces. This lace tends to lean slightly more casual than other laces, making it more appropriate for everyday wear. With that said, lace always is inherently more sophisticated than other fabrics, so wear it with care. Because of the bold pattern, be sure to keep the rest of your accessories subdued so that they compliment – instead of overwhelm – your look.

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Cool Cocktail

You’ve seen me in quite a few casual looks, because that’s how most of us dress every day. But when life presents special occasions and we get the chance to get all dolled up, where do we turn to for stylish options? Plus size cocktail dresses and formal wear is one of the most difficult categories to shop for because of its ‘slim’ availability and because of our own individual preferences: sleeves, lining, length, neckline, color, fabric – all important features that come into play when curating our very own evening look. And let’s face it, we’re so picky right?

This is one of the reasons my boutique SexyPlus Clothing offers cocktail and formal plus size fashion (in addition to casual wear and lingerie). There is very little choice out there, and even less in Canada, so SexyPlus delivers in a big, fancy, way.

For this post I wanted to feature one of my best selling styles, the Valentina Illusion Dress designed by Kiyonna Clothing.

I chose this dress because I carry most of my weight in my belly but I still like to contour my silhouette. How do you do that without totally emphasizing your mid-section right? Well, you do it by choosing a dress that offers both ruching and lining. The two together, along with shapewear, really help to create a smooth look. And I must mention that “creating a smooth look” is totally a personal preference – I have nothing against women who show their gorgeous round tummy – I just feel better holding it in a bit.


Can you see how that works? My belly IS really there, but just a bit more blended. 


And although I’m totally fine showing my arms in other outfits, I do prefer sleeves for a formal event.


The lace sides help to emphasize that hourglass silhouette which is how this dress got its name “Illusion”.


The back is full lace and lined as well.


For kicks, I tried the look with this new faux leather jacket by our new Point Zero Curvy line and just like that, I was one of the cool kids. But in a sexy, grown up, classy kinda way.



Ain’t gonna lie; I’m really feelin’ this look.



This dramatic necklace was loaned to me by Lisa of the blog Mustang Sally Two, and totally glammed out the look.



Thanks for visiting, and remember, sexy is a state of mind, so get into clothing that helps you feel good and rock your curves.

xox Stefanie


Special thanks to the stylish blogger Lisa of Mustang Sally Two for taking these awesome pics. Check her out to see the looks she shot the same day!

Valentina Illusion Dress by SexyPlus Clothing

Vintage Faux Leather Moto Jacket by SexyPlus Clothing

Statement Necklace by Your Big Sister’s Closet (in store)

Studded Wide Width Pumps by Addition Elle (last year, similar by Penningtons here and by Torrid here)

Cupcake Crossbody Bag by Torrid

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