Ultra Chic

You know when you have an outfit on that makes you feel like you could take over the world? Well, that’s how this outfit made me feel and I only wish I had had important meetings that day, and not just a shoot for my blog, cause I think I would have nailed that meeting.


This ultra chic and lightweight duster kimono from Addition Elle, paired with a matching (but slightly different print) cami, were just so chic and powerful together.


I had to find an excuse to wear my gorgeous laser cut wedge sandals from Maurices, so I decided on a natural looking necklace that my Mom thrifted somewhere. I think it was a refreshing and summery twist on the standard black I would otherwise default to.



I love wearing leggings especially when I’m also wearing shapewear because the leggings tend to stay in place better when they’re against shapewear versus skin. These Perfect Leggings by SexyPlus Clothing actually stay in place, high up above my butt without riding down, and I just love em. I wear them all year round – the capri version in Summer, and the full length ones in Fall/Winter. Here I’m wearing the full length ones because I wanted a more professional look.




Thoughts ladies? Are you into long cardigans? What about leggings – would you wear leggings styled this way to a meeting or to the office? I’d love to hear from you!


Duster Kimono by Addition Elle – NOW 50% off at $37.49!

Printed Sleeveless Cami by Addition Elle – NOW 50% off at $17.49!

Perfect Leggings by SexyPlus Clothing

Wedge Laser Cut Sandals by Marices – sold out, similar here or here

Bodywrap Shapewear by SexyPlus Clothing

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Fringe Festival

Ok, just a quick post here to show (and introduce) you to fashion from Ardene. Many of us have shopped there for accessories, but did you know that some of their clothing goes up to size XL which fits me at a size 16??!! Holy-bargain-cute-clothing-jamboree!

Mind you, not all styles go up to XL, but even some of the smaller sizes, like the vest featured in this post, is a medium and because it’s a vest that doesn’t need to close, the medium works well.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

It looks like I’m frowning but this is actually a smile too…

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

I paired the outfit with pink leggings from SexyPlus Clothing (no longer available, sorry), a cute off shoulder black t-shirt and a statement necklace to add some color to this otherwise monochromatic look.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

I especially loved the corset detail on the back of the vest.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

And oh, this was my first set of photos where I’m shooting myself using a tripod and a remote so that’s what’s showing in my hand and making my poses a little awkward. But not bad ay? (I’m so Canadian).

The vest is currently in stock AND comes in size XL for only $24.50 (link below). Here’s the catalog image from their website.

ardene black and white print fringe vest

I also picked up a couple of super cute maxi dresses so I’ll be blogging about those next.

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Fringe Kimono Vest by Ardene – here

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