Ode to the *FAT* Biker Babe in All of Us

There’s always been a part of me who’s a real sexy biker bitch – in my head, that is. I always drool over chicks who can pull off this bad-ass look. But somehow it never worked for me. I don’t know if it’s because of my weight, height, age, or NONE of the above – but I guess I’ve felt at times like I wasn’t supposed to wear this kind of look. Time after time, over the years, I would get a catalog of new arrivals from some store, showing sexy models in ripped jeans and leather jackets with combat boots, or I’d go into stores – even plus size stores – and see this type of look on display. I would try them on and think to myself, as I looked at my reflection in the fitting-room mirror, “Who am I kidding? I feel like a fraud. I can’t pull this off!” And I would abandon ship every time, feeling discouraged and cheated.

Until I put THIS look together that is – and forced myself out of my comfort zone. And that’s the key really – doing something that isn’t natural or comfortable – sometimes it works, and sometimes…we grow from it.

A few weeks ago I attended the Melissa McCarthy plus size clothing launch hosted by Penningtons and wrote about that in a previous blog (and Instagrammed about it). In addition to the fabulous pieces I got from Melissa’s line, I forced myself to try on some jeans because I was determined to do something different. Plus I saw them on plus model Sarah Taylor and was inspired to do the damn thing (she just made them look so good!).

And guess what – this entire super-bad look is almost all from Penningtons! Over the last few years Penningtons has majorly stepped up their plus size fashion game. And wide-calf boots game. And accessories game. And lingerie game. But I digress…let’s stick to the items in this post.


So the camo print, tone-on-tone skinny jeans I’m wearing are EVERYTHING – super comfy, super stretchy, and super BAD ASS! I’m wearing the size 18.


Wondering about the super-hero (slightly super-villain) boots? Also from Penningtons. Yup, last year though – but the moral of the story is that you need to check their inventory often because a crazy cool style like this might pass you by and that’s just sad. So sad.


Next – the faux-suede fringe jacket. When you’re 40-something like me, you appreciate a good Eighties come-back, and this baby HAD to be mine – especially once I tried it on and felt how stretchy and comfy it was. I’m wearing the 0X. And it’s a great price too at only $70 – WAIT – OMG – I just checked and it’s now $49 on sale!!! Crazy! And when I tried it on, celebrity bloggers Chastity of Garner Style (shown below) and Assa from My Curves and Curls saw me and also fell in love with it.


Blogger Chastity of Garner Style



And now my outfit gets even more interesting – you see that corset-y top I’m wearing under the jacket? Well, that’s my high waisted shapewear from SexyPlus and the new Femme Convertible bra from Addition Elle, which is now incredibly, also on sale.


Throw on a belt and you’re good to rev your motor and kick some ass! Ok, maybe not, but I’d say I pulled off this look and finally found my very own biker babe flavor.



Fringe Jacket by Penningtons – on sale!!!

Camo Print Super Stretch Jeans by Penningtons – also on sale!!!

Quilted Zipper Boots by Penningtons – vintage

High Waist Shapewear by SexyPlus

Femme Convertible Bra by Addition Elle – also on sale!!!

Earrings by Charming Charlie

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Fringe Festival

Ok, just a quick post here to show (and introduce) you to fashion from Ardene. Many of us have shopped there for accessories, but did you know that some of their clothing goes up to size XL which fits me at a size 16??!! Holy-bargain-cute-clothing-jamboree!

Mind you, not all styles go up to XL, but even some of the smaller sizes, like the vest featured in this post, is a medium and because it’s a vest that doesn’t need to close, the medium works well.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

It looks like I’m frowning but this is actually a smile too…

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

I paired the outfit with pink leggings from SexyPlus Clothing (no longer available, sorry), a cute off shoulder black t-shirt and a statement necklace to add some color to this otherwise monochromatic look.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

I especially loved the corset detail on the back of the vest.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

And oh, this was my first set of photos where I’m shooting myself using a tripod and a remote so that’s what’s showing in my hand and making my poses a little awkward. But not bad ay? (I’m so Canadian).

The vest is currently in stock AND comes in size XL for only $24.50 (link below). Here’s the catalog image from their website.

ardene black and white print fringe vest

I also picked up a couple of super cute maxi dresses so I’ll be blogging about those next.

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Fringe Kimono Vest by Ardene – here

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