How to find the best bra for a fuller bust

So, you don’t wear incorrect fitting shoes, so why would you wear an incorrectly fitting bra.  There are many aspects to a bra, whether it is lacey, balconnet, t-shirt bra, with wires or without and so forth.  There’s a lot that goes into a large cup bra, no pun intended.  There can be up around 76 sizes of one style and some cases even more.  The difference in cups and bands can be marginal, but make all the difference for the overall fit and feel of the bra and can sometimes make or break your day.


Firstly some questions for you…

What’s the reason for needing this bra?  Are you looking for a lacey number for date night or do you have a horse riding adventure coming up?  Maybe you just need some more bras because your old ones are worn out.

What will this bra be worn under? Will you be wearing tight tops, Lycra tops, sweaters or blouses?

What is the main activity being done in this bra?

What is my size?

There are many bra brands out there that make amazing bras for larger busted women, so how do we figure out which ones are good and which ones are just for show.

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for a braand here are some things to look out for:


If you can touch and feel the fabric, make sure it feels sturdy and also feels nice to touch.  Remember this is going against your breasts. Don’t be afraid to give it a tug and a pull.  Make sure you like the feel of it.

If you are looking for something with support, the lower cup (the section that is beneath the nipple) should have minimal stretch.

When shopping for lacey bras, it’s a good idea to check that the holes of the lace are not too big and there won’t be any flesh popping through these (not a good look)

Hot tip:  Double layers in the back section are always a good idea.



The straps should be wide enough to be displacing the weight from your breasts onto your shoulder.  These should be a short stretch, as in not much stretch at all to inhibit them cutting into your shoulders.

If you are short waisted then make sure the straps are not too long, as you will most likely want them at their shortest.

If you are tall, then make sure the straps are not too short.

Hot Tip:  Some bras have 2 straps joined where the front strap is rigid and the back strap is the adjuster.  These can be problematic for shorter torso women.

Wires and Side Bones: 

To wear a wire or not to? That is the question.  Do you prefer your wires to be completely stiff and supporting, or do you like a little bit of movement throughout your day. If going for a wire, see if you can easily bend and twist when wearing it.  If you feel it digging in at all when you’re in the change room, more than likely you will be super uncomfortable at the end of the day.

Most wired bras also have side boning so make sure this isn’t digging into you either.

Hot tip:  If you are larger busted and looking for a wire bra, check and see if the wires are close together at the center front (between the cups).  If yes – great.  If nearly overlapping – even better.  If they are 2 cm apart – walk away….


Wash and Care:  When washing your bras, if they have wires, make sure you only wash them with cool water.  Wire channeling has a tendency to shrink, even for the best brands, and this can cause the wires to pop out.  We don’t want that.

Now that you’re a bra expert, you can focus on something else for the day.  Hopefully these tips have made it easier to purchase something that will suit your purpose.


Like many women out there, Katie Brooker is an avid multi-tasker.  Apart from being the head designer and fit technician for Sugar Candy, she’s the mother of 2 diverse young girls.  Her goal is to provide comfort and support to breastfeeding mothers and to help them achieve this with beautiful bras that will fit and endure that rigorous path.  See more of her designs at follow her on @sugarcandy.

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