3 Accessories for the Most Stylish Summer Ever

The sun is shining and the temperatures are steadily rising. Yep, it’s most definitely summertime! Summer is one of the most fun seasons for fashion because of all the poppy colors and prints that come along with it. Although you can wear black in the summer, it’s not nearly as practical—you’re probably going to regret it once you spend longer than 15 minutes in the sun!

The best part about summer fashion isn’t just the clothing, though. In fact, some might argue that the real winners are the accessories. Summer calls for plenty of outfit add-ons that are not only adorable, but actually serve a purpose. I love throwing on at least one accessory I really adore to bring my outfit to the next level. Especially if it’s a look you’ve worn a few times and want to transform, accessories have the power to do that!

So today’s post is dedicated to some superstar accessories that will make this your most stylish summer ever. Here are the contenders…

A handbag with personality

The type of handbag a woman carries can say a lot about her. Does she stay on the safe side? Does she like to take risks? Is she either high or low maintenance, or is she just in between? For the summertime, why not show off your playful side and get a clutch or a tote with some attitude? Fun, summery prints featuring citrus fruits or nautical motifs are all over the style scene right now. See some ideas in handbag roundup.

Lace-up heels

It’s no secret that lace-up shoes are totally trendy right now. These shoes are great for summer not only because they are adorable, but also because they let your feet breathe. No one wants her feet feeling trapped in the heat! Lace-up heels give you a very feminine look, and the strings wrapping up your ankle have a way of lengthening your legs. These are a must for your summer dresses, and this trend breakdown has full outfit examples.

Fabulous sunglasses


Heading outside in the summer without sunglasses is practically a death wish. You will be squinting all day, and did you know that the sun can seriously damage your eyesight? That’s why I like to protect my peepers with fabulous sunnies that make me feel like a celebrity. Cat-eye styles work with many face shapes, and mirrored lenses are definitely trending if you’re feeling a bit edgy. I like looking through curated fashion lists for some hand-picked inspiration, especially when it comes to finding the right pair of sunglasses.

And to top it all off, one of the best accessories that will instantly make you shine is confidence. When you exude confidence, your posture gets better and you smile a little wider—two things that will definitely give your summer outfit the boost you’ve been looking for. Wear it loud and wear it proud, ladies!

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