Curvy Expo 2016

It’s the year of curves, and I am so excited to introduce you to Curvy Expo:

  • A one day event to celebrate curves.
  • A fashion show featuring Canadian top models, with every look on the runway featuring sizes 12 and above.
  • Exhibitors showcasing everything for the size 12+ community.
  • Curvy blogger meet & greet.

It’s all happening Saturday, May 14, 2016 starting at 10am till 6pm, with fashion shows at NOON and 4pm. I had the chance to speak with founder Meghan Bradley, and here’s what she had to say about her passion that inspired the creation of the expo, her thoughts on beauty, and a why this is so important in the Canadian landscape.

Final of shopping sketch for exhibitor page

Q. Why did you create Curvy Expo?

Meghan: I always imagined what it would feel like to go to a mall as a size 6 and have every store cater to my size.  I have never been a straight size so this is something I have never experienced.  I wanted to create a mini mall environment for the curvy woman where everything was in size 12+.  All the vendors at Curvy Expo are selling/promoting plus sizes, the attendees are fellow curvy women and we can all experience that feeling of having everything that is available to us, we are taking over the mall, so to speak, even if it is just one day.  We would finally be in the right place at the right time!

Q. Why do think Canada needs this?

Meghan: I think we have to make plus size accessible, available and own the term.  I am tall, I am blonde, I am plus size and I have brown eyes.  To me, the plus size term is simply one of the many descriptions I use to define myself.  Society has put the stigma on the word, but I think we need to re-claim it, own it and re-define it to what we want.  Plus size is sexy, it is confidant, it is fit, it is feminine.  Canada needs a show like this so that we can all celebrate our size and enjoy all that the world has to offer plus sizes.  We need to come together and feel good about ourselves and being plus size is not a term we are afraid to use.

Q. What’s in it for the curvy consumer? Why should they attend?

Meghan: Going back to the average trip to the mall, the plus size customer gets offered very little.  Even if you are on the smaller side of plus, size 12, 14…your size is still limited and shopping is no fun.  The curvy consumer will benefit from learning what curvy retailers have to offer in their size and see the selection that is available to them.  Plus size fashion has come a long way and the styles are on trend and they fit the curvy woman’s shape.

Curvy fashion isn’t about concealing your shape, it is about celebrating it.

She will feel that her size is just as beautiful and she has just as much selection, if she knows where to shop.  There are also two big fashion shows, one at noon and then the show is repeated at 4:00 p.m. – There will be over 60 looks in each show from swim wear to bridal and everything in between. The curvy consumer will meet some of her favourite bloggers and enjoy free seminars.  There is even a Zumba class!

Q. How do you define beauty?

Meghan: Beauty, for me, is the woman that owns it.  She holds her head high, she walks with confidence and she knows exactly who she is.  She has her own style and she is content in herself.  When I meet women like this, I know I am in the presence of a beautiful woman!

Q. How does Curvy Expo support the plus size woman, the industry and small businesses serving this market?

Meghan: Curvy Expo is for everyone in the plus size industry.  Whether you are the leading national retailer or an independent boutique, you have a place at Curvy Expo.  It is important for the women attending this event to get to know all that is available to her in her community.  Local shops, national shops and everything in between.  There are also services at the show like Lady Luck Pin Up who specializes in photographing women of all shapes and sizes.

The curvy consumer should leave Curvy Expo and feel that she has enjoyed a day that was just for her.

She found a few new places to shop, she saw styles on the runway that inspired her and she met some great bloggers and other curvy women.  She may even have a little glow, after dancing a Zumba class at the end of the day!


Where is it?

International Centre, Entrance 4.
6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Free parking and accessible by public transit.

Follow Curvy Expo:

Instagram @curvyexpo

Facebook Curvyexpo

Twitter @curvyexpo

Curvy Expo logo from Dave black and pink on its own

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