Broad Lingerie

After seeing the grand opening of this specialty boutique mentioned by Toronto plus model, artist and actor extraordinaire, Pure Ivory (Steff Ivory Conover), I just knew I had to check it out.

Introducing Broad Lingerie, a bra and swim store for women who wear fuller cup sizes offering bra fittings in a relaxed accessible atmosphere.


But they’re so much more than that. Owner Sam, her warm disposition and her expertise are the real gem of this place. Her passion for fit and comfort are of the utmost importance, and she knows her stuff.


Stocking an incredible range of sizes 28-44 D-JJ, this encompasses busty women of all sizes, from quite small to plus size. And they are always open to special orders if someone is out of their size range.

In recent years I’ve been wearing a size 40D. I’ve never had a professional bra fitting, and to my surprise, Sam informed me of my true size:

“The size that worked best for you was a 40F. Along with your size, I was also taking the fact that you are petite into consideration. So while the first bra fit nicely, it was a lot of bra on your body. The other styles not only allowed for lower necklines, but were shorter and narrower in the wires so they wouldn’t poke under the arms. While size is a big part of the bra puzzle, breast and body shape are also key!”

40F! And wow, were they ever comfortable. Enveloping my entire breast and the skin to the side (under the armpit) like a glove without creating “quadro-boob” (cutting my breast in half) or pocking me under the arm, just like Sam said above.

The first one I tried was for fit purposes, and wow, what a difference in comfort and support from my traditional (ill-fitted) bras.

The second style was less sporty and beautifully designed, still with the same outstanding fit.

All the while, Sam was showing me tips and tricks on how to properly put on a bra, how to adjust the fit once on, proper strap tightness and the specific science behind breast support.

The final style, although less fashionable and flirty than the style I usually gravitate towards, was a plain, smooth but superbly constructed t-shirt bra, which is so much more than for wearing with “t-shirts”. I would choose this bra when I am wearing maxi dresses that don’t have lining, and where I don’t want the texture of my bra to show through. I would also wear this on casual days, to have proper support – because even when wearing a hoodie and sweats, support should never be compromised. This one was my favourite for comfort, support and fit. And the adjustable racer back makes it even more versatile – and yes, still super comfy.



I highly recommend making a trip to Broad Lingerie at 1763 Danforth Ave in Toronto. A well-constructed, but more importantly, properly fitted bra is essential to so many things: posture, the fit of clothing, confidence. And as Broad Lingerie grows, with our support, they will be able to offer an increasingly diverse range of products from functional to fashionable, and sporty to utterly seductive.

Thank you Sam for the very special private, after-hours opportunity to experience your lovely and welcoming boutique, for your professionalism and the much-needed products you have to support us, and our precious “girls”.

Broad Lingerie on Facebook, and on Instagram

1763 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Tel (647) 725-6838

Owner Sam Conover

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