Cold Shoulder, Hot Me!

Ya, ok, quite the arrogant title, but let me explain. I’m all about body positivity and loving myself- it’s the only way I was able to get into the plus size fashion business and authentically do what I do. But let’s be honest: even though we may love ourselves as a package, which took me years to achieve, we are still picky about certain areas of our bodies, and more or less comfortable featuring them. And I think we’re allowed to be this way – as long as we recognize that as a whole, as a ‘package’, we are quite perfect.

That being said, I’m not super crazy about my arms – I still go sleeveless and enjoy the sun on my arms and shoulders in the summer, and I don’t let it hinder my life, but, when I come across a top that lets me expose the super sexy part of my arms that I like (my shoulders), well, it’s cause for celebration. Or at least a blog post 🙂


This is the Crush Cold Shoulder Top by Point Zero Curvy. It’s prefect in every way: cold shoulders, gold chain detail and front/back peek-a-boo keyhole for that oooh lala factor, and long enough to wear as a tunic.



And notice that even though it shows my belly outline, I’m still ok with that.


I styled it with a fun Steve Madden faux fur scarf to add some colour and texture to the outfit.


And I chose black leggings as a neutral bottom and then my brown wide calf boots by Pennington’s (last year).



Here it is styled a little differently on plus size model Ophilia for SexyPlus Clothing boutique.

Crush Top

So ladies, know that it’s ok to wear what makes you feel most comfortable while working with your least and most favourite parts, as long as you work on accepting and appreciate the wonderful ALL of you.



Special thanks to Lisa of the blog Mustang Sally Two for taking these super nice shots!


Crush Cold Shoulder Top by Point Zero Curvy available at SexyPlus Clothing

Basic Leggings by Point Zero Curvy available in store at SexyPlus Clothing

Faux Fur Scarf by Steve Madden – vintage, similar stole by Flaws of Couture

Wide Calf Boots by Penningtons – vintage, similar here


Copyright SassyPlus 2015 – All rights reserved



10 thoughts on “Cold Shoulder, Hot Me!

  1. Loved this! And yes you are right sometimes in the body positivity movement there aren’t enough spaces to be honest with the fact that loving our bodies isn’t an all or nothing journey. We can still be “perfect” activists fashion bloggers and still have complicated relationships with parts of our bodies sometimes. That doesn’t make us any less fierce and fabulous! Happy holidays hon!


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