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You’ve seen me in quite a few casual looks, because that’s how most of us dress every day. But when life presents special occasions and we get the chance to get all dolled up, where do we turn to for stylish options? Plus size cocktail dresses and formal wear is one of the most difficult categories to shop for because of its ‘slim’ availability and because of our own individual preferences: sleeves, lining, length, neckline, color, fabric – all important features that come into play when curating our very own evening look. And let’s face it, we’re so picky right?

This is one of the reasons my boutique SexyPlus Clothing offers cocktail and formal plus size fashion (in addition to casual wear and lingerie). There is very little choice out there, and even less in Canada, so SexyPlus delivers in a big, fancy, way.

For this post I wanted to feature one of my best selling styles, the Valentina Illusion Dress designed by Kiyonna Clothing.

I chose this dress because I carry most of my weight in my belly but I still like to contour my silhouette. How do you do that without totally emphasizing your mid-section right? Well, you do it by choosing a dress that offers both ruching and lining. The two together, along with shapewear, really help to create a smooth look. And I must mention that “creating a smooth look” is totally a personal preference – I have nothing against women who show their gorgeous round tummy – I just feel better holding it in a bit.


Can you see how that works? My belly IS really there, but just a bit more blended. 


And although I’m totally fine showing my arms in other outfits, I do prefer sleeves for a formal event.


The lace sides help to emphasize that hourglass silhouette which is how this dress got its name “Illusion”.


The back is full lace and lined as well.


For kicks, I tried the look with this new faux leather jacket by our new Point Zero Curvy line and just like that, I was one of the cool kids. But in a sexy, grown up, classy kinda way.



Ain’t gonna lie; I’m really feelin’ this look.



This dramatic necklace was loaned to me by Lisa of the blog Mustang Sally Two, and totally glammed out the look.



Thanks for visiting, and remember, sexy is a state of mind, so get into clothing that helps you feel good and rock your curves.

xox Stefanie


Special thanks to the stylish blogger Lisa of Mustang Sally Two for taking these awesome pics. Check her out to see the looks she shot the same day!

Valentina Illusion Dress by SexyPlus Clothing

Vintage Faux Leather Moto Jacket by SexyPlus Clothing

Statement Necklace by Your Big Sister’s Closet (in store)

Studded Wide Width Pumps by Addition Elle (last year, similar by Penningtons here and by Torrid here)

Cupcake Crossbody Bag by Torrid

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Say hello – again – to Suzy Shier

As a woman in my forties, I grew up with Suzy Shier. Eventually though I stopped shopping there as my chubbiness turned into real plus size. I would walk by the display windows and wouldn’t bother going in, or I’d wait on a bench when my slimmer friends shopped gleefully. 

Until now. 

They recently introduced plus sizes and I had the chance to see some of their pieces in action at their plus size fashion event hosted by Dare Magazine about a month ago. So say hello – again – to Suzy Shier!


Here are some of my change room try-ons…

12170512_10156137306535517_702376899_n 12177841_10156137306380517_1089448400_n

I mostly tried items from their new plus size line. Surprisingly, I was also able to fit into some of their extra large styles from their regular line, like the window-pane tunic and leggings I am featuring in this post.


Being someone who is confident in my curves (with the help of a little shapewear to feel supported), I liked the tight fit and length of this gorgeous tunic sweater, and the little draw-string detail on one side.


And these leggings are my new fav! They’re so Olivia-Newton-John with their shiny fabric and super sleek fit. I wear a size 16 bottom, and their XL leggings were perfect. In the plus sizes, they had quite an impressive selection of bottoms in many seasonal colors and cool fabrics.


My new favorite red corset-style wide calf boots were a bold compliment to the otherwise neutral tones in this outfit.


And to polish off the look, I added my Tuxedo Cardigan with mesh bottom detail from SexyPlus Clothing. Long cardis are everything this season and I hope they’re here to stay because they provide a dramatic, elegant finish to any outfit.




This gorgeous tribal statement necklace was the final touch. I seriously felt like a million bucks in this outfit and wish I had had more to do that day than shoot for this blog LOL!




Special thanks to Annika of the The Stylish Reid blog for shooting these photos. xox

Tunic (size XL currently available and only $32) and shiny leggings (size XL currently available and only $20) by Suzy Shier

Suzy Shier Plus Sizes

Red Corset-style wide calf boots by SexyPlus Clothing (sizes 7-12 available)

All wide calf boots by SexyPlus Clothing

Tribal necklace by Addition Elle (in store only)

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Body Confidence Canada Awards

The Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) acknowledge Canada-based recipients actively fighting against stereotypes, judgements, policies, and discrimination that attempt to label and discredit marginalized bodies.

In 2014, I was so fortunate to win a BCCA award, and it was incredibly meaningful for me, especially in the fashion and beauty industry, where there is little formal accreditation. You can watch my acceptance speech here.

Photo by Elliot Parrot Photography


Photo by Elliot Parrot Photography

As a previous winner, I was honored to receive an invitation to this year’s event, the 2015 Body Confidence Canada Awards to celebrate new winners and see old friends.

The 2015 winners are:

ALICIA VIANGA, Women’s Health, Philanthropy, Fashion

MAYA McDONALD, Youth, Social Justice & Human Rights

AMRIT SINGH, R.Ac, Health & Wellness, Advocacy, Arts

TIINA VEER, BA RMT RYT, Health & Wellness, Activism

ERIN HUSTON, Youth, Policy, Equity & Inclusion

MO HANDAHU, Arts & Culture, Media

What a stellar evening it was!!! Set in the rustic-chic ballroom of The 519 in downtown Toronto, Ontario, it felt very posh but the vibe was so down to earth and warm. With super charismatic and hilarious host Zahra Dhanani, special guests Dvorah Silverman, Girls Action Foundation and Lisa Hanaam (Heath Editor), GLOW Magazine, shiver-enducing entertainment by Juno Award winner Simone Denny, touching speeches by the winners, and emotional tributes by the BCCA founders Jill Andrew and Aisha Fairclough, the evening was memorable, fun and inspiring.

IMG_0008 IMG_0020  IMG_0033 IMG_0040 IMG_0041 IMG_0052 IMG_9879 IMG_9910 IMG_9922 IMG_9941 IMG_9982


Support beauty diversity and the Body Confidence Canada Awards by nominating a trailblazer next year!

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Be true to you

Over the years, despite my passion for fashion, my casual style turned into yoga pants and a hoodie because there was such limited selection in casual styles out there. Can anyone relate? But as I’ve said before, we’re living in a good time for plus size fashion and beauty diversity. With more and more brands recognizing that curvy girls want chic, sexy styles and the same cute clothing that is available in regular sizes, we’re getting more selection and greater accessibility – and THIS allows us to express ourselves more authentically.

One brand that I am so totally in love with is Point Zero and their new Curvy line because it allows me to be myself: casual, but chic. They’ve taken all the current trends like faux leather detailing, burnout fabrics, cut-outs, open backs, lace, sexy animal prints, and made them in plus sizes.

Take the t-shirt I’m wearing for this look. It’s long enough to be worn as a tunic, and it has some dramatic style and color with a romantic printed message “Light sleeper but a sweet dreamer”.


I paired it with this leatherette cuff cardigan and voila, I have a casual chic, even office appropriate look, that started with a t-shirt.


And these leggings are like pants because they’re made of this thick ponte fabric with leatherette detail.


Throw on a belt if you prefer a silhouette defining look…


You may have also noticed those amazing red boots. I’ve been searching for a cool red flat wide calf boot since forever and my dream came true this year when I found these. Designed by Boots By Pamela, they have a sexy lace up, corset-style back. They literally kick up any outfit and make me feel powerful.



Kristi OTK boot red 2


So be true to you ladies and don’t be afraid to express yourself through fashion. Coming up next on the blog, ‘Saying hello again to Suzy Shier’. Special thanks to my Mom who took these fab photos!!! xox


Dreamer T-shirt by Point Zero Curvy (available in store at SexyPlus Clothing)

Leatherette Cuff Cardi by Point Zero Curvy

Moto Leatherette Leggings by Point Zero Curvy

Wide Calf Corset Boots by SexyPlus Clothing

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Ode to the *FAT* Biker Babe in All of Us

There’s always been a part of me who’s a real sexy biker bitch – in my head, that is. I always drool over chicks who can pull off this bad-ass look. But somehow it never worked for me. I don’t know if it’s because of my weight, height, age, or NONE of the above – but I guess I’ve felt at times like I wasn’t supposed to wear this kind of look. Time after time, over the years, I would get a catalog of new arrivals from some store, showing sexy models in ripped jeans and leather jackets with combat boots, or I’d go into stores – even plus size stores – and see this type of look on display. I would try them on and think to myself, as I looked at my reflection in the fitting-room mirror, “Who am I kidding? I feel like a fraud. I can’t pull this off!” And I would abandon ship every time, feeling discouraged and cheated.

Until I put THIS look together that is – and forced myself out of my comfort zone. And that’s the key really – doing something that isn’t natural or comfortable – sometimes it works, and sometimes…we grow from it.

A few weeks ago I attended the Melissa McCarthy plus size clothing launch hosted by Penningtons and wrote about that in a previous blog (and Instagrammed about it). In addition to the fabulous pieces I got from Melissa’s line, I forced myself to try on some jeans because I was determined to do something different. Plus I saw them on plus model Sarah Taylor and was inspired to do the damn thing (she just made them look so good!).

And guess what – this entire super-bad look is almost all from Penningtons! Over the last few years Penningtons has majorly stepped up their plus size fashion game. And wide-calf boots game. And accessories game. And lingerie game. But I digress…let’s stick to the items in this post.


So the camo print, tone-on-tone skinny jeans I’m wearing are EVERYTHING – super comfy, super stretchy, and super BAD ASS! I’m wearing the size 18.


Wondering about the super-hero (slightly super-villain) boots? Also from Penningtons. Yup, last year though – but the moral of the story is that you need to check their inventory often because a crazy cool style like this might pass you by and that’s just sad. So sad.


Next – the faux-suede fringe jacket. When you’re 40-something like me, you appreciate a good Eighties come-back, and this baby HAD to be mine – especially once I tried it on and felt how stretchy and comfy it was. I’m wearing the 0X. And it’s a great price too at only $70 – WAIT – OMG – I just checked and it’s now $49 on sale!!! Crazy! And when I tried it on, celebrity bloggers Chastity of Garner Style (shown below) and Assa from My Curves and Curls saw me and also fell in love with it.


Blogger Chastity of Garner Style



And now my outfit gets even more interesting – you see that corset-y top I’m wearing under the jacket? Well, that’s my high waisted shapewear from SexyPlus and the new Femme Convertible bra from Addition Elle, which is now incredibly, also on sale.


Throw on a belt and you’re good to rev your motor and kick some ass! Ok, maybe not, but I’d say I pulled off this look and finally found my very own biker babe flavor.



Fringe Jacket by Penningtons – on sale!!!

Camo Print Super Stretch Jeans by Penningtons – also on sale!!!

Quilted Zipper Boots by Penningtons – vintage

High Waist Shapewear by SexyPlus

Femme Convertible Bra by Addition Elle – also on sale!!!

Earrings by Charming Charlie

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