Melissa McCarthy Plus Size Clothing has Arrived!

As some of you already know from my over-active Instagram feed, I was lucky to attend the Melissa McCarthy “Seven 7” Plus Size Clothing launch at Penningtons a few weeks ago. WHAT AN EPIC EVENT! Elegantly catered, attended by local AND celebrity bloggers, and bee-you-ti-ful plus size clothing.

With a mini fashion show modeled by bloggers, my admiration soon turned into purchases when I saw Melissa’s line styled so expertly.


The blogger & model line up (from left to right): Chastity from Garner Style, Gail from Fab Four Fashion, Jessica from Skorch Magazine, Assa from My Curves & Curls, Jessica from Clothes & Shit, Garcia from Flaws of Couture, Karen from Curvy Canadian, Sasha from Flaws of Couture, Sarah from Ravings by Rae and Chante from Everything Curvy & Chic.


Superstar blogger Chastity of Garner Style and moi!

After enjoying the fashion show presented by Erica on Fashion, and schmoozing with other guests, I dove in to shopping and trying on Melissa’s new line. The fabrics were good quality and luxurious to the touch, and the fit was bang on. I fell in love with this reversible poncho – talk about casual yet chic!


In contrast to how Assa had styled it with the black side out, and white jeans (which was so appealing), I styled it with these shiny spandex leggings (à la Olivia Newton John) and the cream side of the poncho out to show how pretty it is either way.


Blogger Assa from My Curves and Curls showing the Melissa McCarthy line, with Karen from Curvy Canadian and Jessica from Clothes & Shit right behind.



And I love clothing that can be worn several ways because I feel like I’m getting more mileage for my spend, right?


Wondering what the words are? Well Melissa didn’t just put any old script font on it – she wanted it to have meaning. The words “Happy Happy Joy Joy” do indeed make me feel great wearing it.




You can actually wear it as a top on it’s own because it covers you adequately.


And don’t be deceived, it’s actually much nicer in person than on the website, shown below.

catalogue image melissa mccarthy

I just LOVE it and I can’t wait for the weather to wear it. Thanks Melissa and Penningtons – you definately hit the mark with this lovely plus size clothing line. And again, a special thanks to my Mom for taking these great photos!

Poncho by Melissa McCarthy Seven 7 available at Penningtons

Spandex shiny leggings by Suzy Shier (I’m wearing their XL size which fits my size 18 bottom)

Studded pump by Addition Elle – vintage, similar wide width pump here

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22 thoughts on “Melissa McCarthy Plus Size Clothing has Arrived!

  1. I saw little glimpses into the event on IG and am so glad you did an entire post on the event with full size photos! I’ve been eyeing that poncho with the text print myself, and you are totally selling it here! I also adore the heart print tunic Karen is wearing. I really like McCarthy’s style and am so excited she’s launching her own line. The pieces are so chic, but they’re also kind of quirky and fun. I love it!

    ❤ Liz

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Liz! Appreciate you following the Instagram updates and it was a pleasure shooting this piece. It’s so soft and the message is so happy. I really did love it. Hope to see you blog a look from the line soon! xox Stef


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  11. I’m not certain which aspect of this is plus-sized because this design would look divine on just about anyone, as it does on you 🙂 I LOVE IT!!! Very comfy and chic and everything in between which, in my books, makes for the perfect piece xoxo


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