Ultra Chic

You know when you have an outfit on that makes you feel like you could take over the world? Well, that’s how this outfit made me feel and I only wish I had had important meetings that day, and not just a shoot for my blog, cause I think I would have nailed that meeting.


This ultra chic and lightweight duster kimono from Addition Elle, paired with a matching (but slightly different print) cami, were just so chic and powerful together.


I had to find an excuse to wear my gorgeous laser cut wedge sandals from Maurices, so I decided on a natural looking necklace that my Mom thrifted somewhere. I think it was a refreshing and summery twist on the standard black I would otherwise default to.



I love wearing leggings especially when I’m also wearing shapewear because the leggings tend to stay in place better when they’re against shapewear versus skin. These Perfect Leggings by SexyPlus Clothing actually stay in place, high up above my butt without riding down, and I just love em. I wear them all year round – the capri version in Summer, and the full length ones in Fall/Winter. Here I’m wearing the full length ones because I wanted a more professional look.




Thoughts ladies? Are you into long cardigans? What about leggings – would you wear leggings styled this way to a meeting or to the office? I’d love to hear from you!


Duster Kimono by Addition Elle – NOW 50% off at $37.49!

Printed Sleeveless Cami by Addition Elle – NOW 50% off at $17.49!

Perfect Leggings by SexyPlus Clothing

Wedge Laser Cut Sandals by Marices – sold out, similar here or here

Bodywrap Shapewear by SexyPlus Clothing

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Affordable, Cute, Good Quality AND Plus Size? You don’t say….

If you know me as the owner of the plus size clothing boutique SexyPlus Clothing, then you may have heard about the new AFFORDABLE CASUAL COLLECTION I recently introduced.

It. Is. Everything.

SexyPlus Clothing has established itself as a go-to store for sexy, classy and unusual cocktail dresses and lingerie. But until recently, the store has not offered casual clothing; you know, the cute, comfy stuff you just wanna wear every day and not pay an arm and a leg for.

So when Point Zero Canada contacted me to introduce their new ‘Curvy’ line, I was over the moon. To be able to offer good quality, stylish, trendy, comfy and AFFORDABLE pieces was a dream I had been chasing since opening the business in 2009.

The collection, priced at $29 to $69, has been flying off the racks. In this post, I’ll show you one of my fav pieces, the Striped Illusion Maxi Dress.


Who wouldn’t want a classic black and ivory dress that can be worn for years to come, dressed up or down. The design on this dress is genius, with the side panels emphasizing an hourglass silhouette. The bodice is lined, and the fabric is like a luxurious t-shirt jersey.



And the skirt has just enough flair and weight to provide graceful movement without feeling bulky.


Wide shoulder straps accommodate your bra and the v-neck is subtle, revealing just a touch of décolletage.


The design is repeated on the back, which is nice because some designers seem to forget about that part – but we all want to be admired when walking away, don’t we?


I styled it with these electric blue pumps and a pearl necklace because I felt like dressing it up, but it would have looked awesome with casual flats and a jean jacket too.

IMG_4000 IMG_3972

The sizing on Point Zero Curvy is quite generous so I do recommend going one size down. At least it’s not the other way around; too often we are having to size up and squeeze ourselves into styles that are considered ‘trendy’, but not with Point Zero Curvy. What a nice change.

Point Zero Curvy Striped Illusion Dress

My Beaded Designs Pearl Necklace – in store at SexyPlus Clothing

Payless Shoe Source Blue Pumps – vintage, similar here and here

Photos taken by the wonderful Sarah Taylor as a favor to me

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Ardene’s – More Than Just Accessories Part 2

In my previous post featuring Ardene’s, I talked about the exciting discovery that their size XL in clothing actually fits my size 16, and I featured a lovely pastel, bohemian maxi dress. And because they were offering a second dress at $1, I had to pick up this lovely navy diamond print strapless maxi.



It was a little long for my compact 5’1″ self, so I did get it hemmed – and yes ladies, I do encourage you to purchase things that you love and INVEST in a slight alteration. Isn’t the prefect fit and that fabulous feeling worth it?


I decided to coordainte the look with unexpected pastels, also from Ardene’s, and picked up this pastel chain link long necklace, and beaded bracelet bunch.


A couple of selfies, for good measure…

11748855_10155794113460517_1328281259_n 11720678_10155794113355517_340518276_n

To keep the look casual and bohemian, I chose these caramel gladiator sandals, ALSO from Ardene’s. Yup, the entire look, for a plus size gal like me, from Ardene’s. Who woulda thought?

IMG_3866 2



And here’s the side by side.

side by side copy

I shot this look myself using my new tri-pod (how awesomely independent and resourceful of me) at the beautiful Brampton Heartlake Conservation Area. Inviting rolling landscapes, a gazebo, bridges, ducks – I’ll definitely be shooting there again.


Did you enjoy these looks by Ardene? Please like and comment below to let me know!



Dress by Ardene

Sandals by Ardene in store, shop their online selection here

Accessories by Ardene in store, shop their online selection here

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Ardene’s – More Than Just Accessories

One of my recent fashion discoveries was that Ardene’s extra large sizes ACTUALLY fit me, at a plump size 16 – what a pleasant surprise! Most of us curvier girls have shopped at Ardene’s for years – but only for costume jewelry and accessories. So I’m sharing the good news, that if you wear a size 12 to 16, you can get some of their cute, trendy, seasonal fashions as well. And if you wear a regular width shoe, you can enjoy some of their sandals too.

I purchased two dresses… because ladies… right now, their dresses are “Buy One, Get One for $1”!  So ya, I couldn’t pass that up, and neither should you if you wear this size range. Stay tuned, the second dress will be featured in a separate blog post.

Here we go.

The first totally dreamy tube maxi dress is ultra feminine with a beachy blend of turquoise and coral on a soft ivory palette and unimposing elastic waist to define the silhouette.


IMG_3490 IMG_3487

And because I was feeling like a princess, I styled it with a wonderfully dramatic body chain and my coral wedges from Maurices (featured in a previous post).




The dress has a short lining, which hits me about mid-thigh.


I felt really beautiful and feminine in this dress and I’m so glad I got it! At $35 (and a second dress for only $1), I am pleased with the quality and fit. I hope you enjoyed this look and can benefit from Ardene’s clothing.


Dress by Ardene

Body chain by Victorious Me

Wedge sandals by Maurices (now on sale)

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Ode to a Dream

This is a very special post, because it’s dedicated to my dream, and the choices I’ve made to live a life of independence, passion and happiness, surrounded by as many pretty pink girly things as I want. It’s about this dress, that I purchased six years ago, and how it inspired me to create what is known today as SexyPlus Clothing.

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing

In 2008, I was laid off from a 10-year marketing management job with Wells Fargo. I had loved it, and learned a lot. At 25, when I started, it was pretty cool having my own desk, business cards, and “Creative Specialist” title. I had been dreaming about opening a plus size clothing store for years though, because of my own frustration as a consumer at not being able to find the clothing that would enable me to express the many sides of my dynamic, womanly self. So when I was laid off, I had to jump at the chance before it passed me by. I did not want to find myself another 10 years down the road regretting it.

So even as I interviewed for similar roles in the corporate world, and even when I was offered a well paying position with a competitor, I decided to let go of my comfortable salaried lifestyle and take a risk.

In 2009, I registered my business and went to New York in search of suppliers and manufacturers. I knew nothing of the fashion industry from a business perspective nor did I know the complexities and costs of importing, designing, and operating a retail boutique. But, little by little, through perseverance and passion, and the entirety of my savings I might add, I found suppliers, trade shows, resources, and people who helped me get started. As I pondered a name and brand for new business, I came upon this dress at Reitman’s, in the plus section (which at the time was one of the only alternatives to the major plus size chains and numerous other plus size stores we have today).

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing

It made me feel, well, you guessed it, sexy plus.

And the color combination, to me, couldn’t be more enchanting, feminine, provocative, and beautifully contrasted. Pink, orange, black and white. And voila, SexyPlus’ brand personality was born.

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing

SexyPlusClothing Logo

I quickly had someone build the website, and started selling clothing from my apartment.

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing 2009

Below, speaking at my launch party in 2009.

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing 2009 Speech

Jeans hung in the windows instead of curtains, and my bedroom was transformed into a show room. After trying a few different retail partnerships, I opened my very own boutique in downtown Toronto on Yonge street. The rent was KILLER.

Shown below, wearing the same “SexyPlus” dress in 2009 outside my Yonge street location.

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing Yonge street

Three years later, I moved the store to Mississauga, in an industrial unit, where the rent was substantially cheaper, allowing me to have a bit of financial breathing room.

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing

Uh, industrial, you may say? Well, you ain’t seen nothing sweetheart if you haven’t seen THIS industrial unit.

With a 14-foot beveled ceiling, an antique stone pillar fireplace, the most enchanting fitting rooms, and a washroom so pretty it makes you wanna visit even if you don’t have to “go”.

SexyPlus Clothing boutique mississauga ontario canada

SexyPlus Clothing boutique mississauga ontario canada

SexyPlus Clothing boutique mississauga ontario canada

So today, after six years of working hard, living the life I want, a sassy new hair-do, and connecting with amazing women from all walks of life, I wore my “SexyPlus” dress… and I feel a renewed sense of commitment, gratitude and love for my favorite-little-amazing-super-special-plus-size-clothing-boutique ever!!!

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing

Stefanie Augusteijn SexyPlus Clothing

Thank you to the hundreds of beautiful women who have shopped, referred, worn, styled and loved SexyPlus Clothing. I bow to you in honor.


Photos by me and my remote!

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Fringe Festival

Ok, just a quick post here to show (and introduce) you to fashion from Ardene. Many of us have shopped there for accessories, but did you know that some of their clothing goes up to size XL which fits me at a size 16??!! Holy-bargain-cute-clothing-jamboree!

Mind you, not all styles go up to XL, but even some of the smaller sizes, like the vest featured in this post, is a medium and because it’s a vest that doesn’t need to close, the medium works well.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

It looks like I’m frowning but this is actually a smile too…

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

I paired the outfit with pink leggings from SexyPlus Clothing (no longer available, sorry), a cute off shoulder black t-shirt and a statement necklace to add some color to this otherwise monochromatic look.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

I especially loved the corset detail on the back of the vest.

canadian plus size fashion blogger presents fringe festival by ardene

And oh, this was my first set of photos where I’m shooting myself using a tripod and a remote so that’s what’s showing in my hand and making my poses a little awkward. But not bad ay? (I’m so Canadian).

The vest is currently in stock AND comes in size XL for only $24.50 (link below). Here’s the catalog image from their website.

ardene black and white print fringe vest

I also picked up a couple of super cute maxi dresses so I’ll be blogging about those next.

If you enjoyed this look please give a like and a comment below!



Fringe Kimono Vest by Ardene – here

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Swim Fabulous with Addition Elle & SexyPlus Clothing

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Selina, a fashionista and fellow body positive advocate. I invited her to be a guest on my blog because I thought you might appreciate seeing a different body size and shape. We featured a lovely outfit titled “Yes, That’s My Bra” (did you miss it?).

For today’s post we are very excited to share with you the “Swim Fabulous” issue, with Addition Elle and SexyPlus Clothing.

We started with Addition Elle’s two-piece vintage bikini (or fatkini if you prefer), which has a very flattering fit and makes you feel kinda like a bombshell.



And styled it with a one-of-a-kind, handmade cape by SexyPlus Clothing, which doubles as a sexy swim cover.


And can be worn front to back or back to front, depending on the amount of coverage you want.



We styled it with these cute white and pink pumps, a sun hat from the dollar store (yes Dollarama!!!), her pink shades and a pink hair flower.


And that gorgeous colorful happy necklace she’s wearing? THAT is from Siren’s Outlet on Orfus Road. You’ve gotta check it out ladies! Selina says the prices are amazing for such unique designs and statement pieces.


As many of us often do, Selina had to step outside of her comfort zone to wear and shoot this swim suit. I was SO impressed with her radiant confidence as she posed fearlessly on residential streets of Toronto. As strangers passed on the busy street, I must say, many of them gave admiring smiles and nods of appreciation.


And if you’re wondering about her beautiful, decadent, GORGEOUS hair, she does extensions so contact her.

I love what this shoot stood for: swim fabulous, set yourself free, enjoy summer like you did when you were a kid.

Selina is super gorgeous sexy in her bikini and so are YOU.

Bikini top by Addition Ellesimilar here

Bikini botton by Addition Ellehere

Hand-made cape by SexyPlus Clothing, available in black and white also – in store

Necklace – Orfus Road in Toronto Siren’s Outlet

Shop all Addition Elle swimwear – here

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