Why are Plus Size Celebrities Always Cast as the Token Fat Girl?

Ok, I’m all for the rising popularity of plus size celebrities, like 1000%, but am I the only one who’s offended that they are almost always cast, and ridiculed, as the messy, ill-clothed, hungry for cake, uneducated token fat girl?

Can’t they just be a girl in a movie?

Or maybe a successful entrepreneur? Or a seductive lover? And why is no one else speaking out about this? Am I the only one who feels this way?

Let’s look at who’s currently in the headlines, and their roles.


Rebel Wilson – very funny role in Pitch Perfect, and funny girl in real life, and also cast in Pitch Perfect 2 (set to be released May 15 by Universal Pictures UK). In the first movie, Pitch Perfect, is seems like almost every single line she speaks, and almost every single joke around her in the movie is based on her weight. I can understand that laughing at oneself is healthy to a certain extent, we must after all, not take ourselves too seriously, but that’s not the case here. Everyone is laughing at her. Because of her weight.

In Pitch Perfect 2, the trailer actually starts off with her coming in as a wrecking ball, which malfunctions, of course, because of her weight. And everyone screams in horror as she starts to swing towards the audience in the suspended pendulum, apparently without underwear. As if seeing plus size private parts is utterly disgusting. The team is then suspended from the finales because of this horrendous “birthday gift from down under”.

How is this not offensive people???

Her social media image, on the other hand, and how some publications have elevated her, like ElleUK.com in their #bemorerebel campaign, is refreshing and positive.

o-REBEL-WILSON-900 rebel-wilson-social-media-queen-2-11741-1417135432-3_dblbig

Melissa McCarthy – Beautiful Melissa. From Mike & Molly, Tammy to Bridesmaids to Identity Thief and The Heat, they all supply an endless amount of body shaming and fat jokes. The clip of her new movie Spy ends with her being unable to ride a motorcycle because of, you guessed it, her weight.

a2ab161976c957e2e42dc20a5f7939b04431e29f 1400175761_468488847_melissa-mccarthy-467

So, when can a fat woman play a role in a block buster film similar to the role Camryn Manheim played as an intelligent, professional, polished attorney and normal, loving woman as Ellenor Frutton on ABC‘s The Practice?

66083_262 - THE PRACTICE -- The multi-Emmy Award-winning drama

Sigh. Someday.

Thanks for reading loves, and please comment. Let’s talk about this.

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7 thoughts on “Why are Plus Size Celebrities Always Cast as the Token Fat Girl?

  1. I was so disgusted by the preview of pitch perfect 2 for that exact reason… If it were a thin person on that wrecking ball people wouldn’t act like that… Embarrassed maybe but disgusted like they just saw the grossest thing? Not a chance…

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  2. I do agree with your sentiments here. I do find much of these characterizations/roles offensive at times. However, I think that some of the women you mentioned despite being cast do have a say in what roles they accept and with what image of themselves they’d like to project; and they seem to go with these roles quite frequently. In a weird way, I think some plussize women like to make light of their being overweight/their insecurities with humor. I personally do it all the time and I know that not everyone takes kindly to that as it may come across as masking a deeper problem. I don’t make fun of my fat for attention or sympathy – I do it because I like to laugh at myself. It is in a way – a way to keep it real for myself; a way to take ownership of my body – not anyone else. By doing so I always think “Omg, I love my fat, its not even bad, there are worst things to be in the world than fat”. If anyone is going to make fun of me for being fat, it might as well be me b/c I have a rip-roaring sense of humor – it’s not going to be the general public, or the double size zero walking past me on the street. I think some of these women do need to be more mindful about their portrayal as characters versus who they are off screen, especially with having younger fans. At the end of the day they seem to enjoy the roles they play? Or maybe they’re just good at keeping their thoughts on body issues separate from their job to get paid? I am not sure but I’m glad you touched on this.


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  3. I agree with you. I would love to see a plus-sized actress playing the lead is a captivating romance or the lead in an adventure film.

    Sometimes I don’t mind the fat jokes and pokes at weight and size because you’re right, one mustn’t take themselves too seriously but it bothers me that weight and size has to always be brought up and shoved in the spotlight. It bothers me that a wonderful character with great confidence and personality becomes so defined by her weight.

    I hope that changes soon.


  4. Remember when Melissa McCarthy portrayed Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls?

    She was a friend and coworker.

    She wasn’t the fat friend.

    She wasn’t wasn’t the fat colleague.

    Her character was funny and relatable and I can’t recall her weight ever being the focus or WHY she was funny or relatable.

    As much as I like MM and do enjoy her movies I wish the humor wasn’t always going back to her size.


    • Exactly Alli! Those are the roles I am talking about. Recently it seems like it’s just been one bad role after another. Thank you for reading the blog and taking the time to comment xox Stefanie


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