Saying Goodbye to Summer 16

I have enjoyed Summer 2016 probably more than any summer in my life because I can honestly say that I’ve come to a point where my insecurities and societal pressures DO NOT affect how I dress. I’ve worn my hair pulled back into a pony because of the high temps, something I would not have done before because I didn’t think I was pretty with my hair that way. I’ve gone to the beach, worn sleeveless dresses all summer, showed my knees in shorts, and dressed according to the climate, with a sense of freedom and exhilaration.

So while I am sad that it’s coming to an end, the consolation prize is the AMAZING Fall fashions coming this way. As the owner of SexyPlus Clothing boutique, I’ve selected some fabulous pieces for you to welcome the harvest season with joy and excitement, like this ensemble from Point Zero Curvy brand, now in store.


The top is gorgeous and I love cold shoulders – so sassy. The corset effect at the bust is just so me and the bell sleeves, well, that’s what I’ve come to love and expect from Point Zero Curvy, in that they never compromise details and style.


The back features a nice V and the side slits on the blouse allow it to fall loosely on your hips without being clingy. If you are self-conscious about your belly, trust me this top is your friend as I have a pretty pronounced mid-section which is nicely concealed in this top.


The length is perfect to wear with these super bad new leggings – the faux-leather sections in the front make them look like boots. In the colder months, I would wear these with booties and they would look like over-the-knee boots!


In a thick, curve-hugging ponte fabric with large elastic waist bands, they stay in place and are truly uber comfy.


So don’t feel bad about summer ending…Fall is going to be fabulous dontcha know!


Special thanks to Caterina for photographing me – she’s a sizzling Canadian plus size model and good friend – check her out here.

Blouse by Point Zero Curvy – available at SexyPlus Clothing

Pleather detail leggings by Point Zero Curvy – available at SexyPlus Clothing

Wedge sandals by Le Chateau – vintage

Shapewear by SexyPlus Clothing

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Plus Size Outfit of the Day: Tropical Flow

Today’s plus size outfit of the day features a limited edition (now sold out) beautiful one shoulder dress by SexyPlus Clothing (designed by IGIGI). Check out SexyPlus for amazing dresses and new arrivals that will win your heart.


Dress SexyPlus Clothing – vintage

Sandals by Penningtons – vintage, or alternates here

Shapewear by SexyPlus Clothing

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3 Accessories for the Most Stylish Summer Ever

The sun is shining and the temperatures are steadily rising. Yep, it’s most definitely summertime! Summer is one of the most fun seasons for fashion because of all the poppy colors and prints that come along with it. Although you can wear black in the summer, it’s not nearly as practical—you’re probably going to regret it once you spend longer than 15 minutes in the sun!

The best part about summer fashion isn’t just the clothing, though. In fact, some might argue that the real winners are the accessories. Summer calls for plenty of outfit add-ons that are not only adorable, but actually serve a purpose. I love throwing on at least one accessory I really adore to bring my outfit to the next level. Especially if it’s a look you’ve worn a few times and want to transform, accessories have the power to do that!

So today’s post is dedicated to some superstar accessories that will make this your most stylish summer ever. Here are the contenders…

A handbag with personality

The type of handbag a woman carries can say a lot about her. Does she stay on the safe side? Does she like to take risks? Is she either high or low maintenance, or is she just in between? For the summertime, why not show off your playful side and get a clutch or a tote with some attitude? Fun, summery prints featuring citrus fruits or nautical motifs are all over the style scene right now. See some ideas in handbag roundup.

Lace-up heels

It’s no secret that lace-up shoes are totally trendy right now. These shoes are great for summer not only because they are adorable, but also because they let your feet breathe. No one wants her feet feeling trapped in the heat! Lace-up heels give you a very feminine look, and the strings wrapping up your ankle have a way of lengthening your legs. These are a must for your summer dresses, and this trend breakdown has full outfit examples.

Fabulous sunglasses


Heading outside in the summer without sunglasses is practically a death wish. You will be squinting all day, and did you know that the sun can seriously damage your eyesight? That’s why I like to protect my peepers with fabulous sunnies that make me feel like a celebrity. Cat-eye styles work with many face shapes, and mirrored lenses are definitely trending if you’re feeling a bit edgy. I like looking through curated fashion lists for some hand-picked inspiration, especially when it comes to finding the right pair of sunglasses.

And to top it all off, one of the best accessories that will instantly make you shine is confidence. When you exude confidence, your posture gets better and you smile a little wider—two things that will definitely give your summer outfit the boost you’ve been looking for. Wear it loud and wear it proud, ladies!

Plus Size Outfit of the Day: Cayman Islands

This dress from SexyPlus Clothing’s summer collection last year has always been one of my favs. I love the combination of animal print with watercolours. And now that summer’s here, I am glad to wear it again.

I always like to present a polished look, even for when I am at work at the store (SexyPlus Clothing). So, I decided to exercise my print-mixing superpowers and combine it with this bee-u-tee-ful scarf my friend Anesha gave me. It’s from a luxury brand called Turrath and it’s just divine. With a unique double pointed cut, I can easily wear it as a light shawl over any dress.


Dress SexyPlus Clothing – vintage

Scarf by Turrath – not currently available

Sandals by Ardene – available in store, or alternates here

Shapewear by SexyPlus Clothing

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Yona New York

In case you haven’t noticed, plus size fashion is taking a huge leap forward. It may still be a grossly underserved market compared to “regular” sizes, but designers are taking the plunge and having fun with it.

Meet Yona New York.

Yona Love believes that beauty is not about size, but about style and confidence.

She has created a line of plus size fashion for the full figured woman who wants color, pattern, style and sophistication. Who wants to be able to express who she is through her clothing. Maybe for the very first time. Sophisticated styling based on the latest trends, structured to fit a fuller figured woman, cuts that drape, fabrics that give and designs that cover but don’t hug the body are all part of Yona’s signature style.


This is the Kimono Dress in Floral. A unique criss-cross bosom that drapes into the skirt provides the perfect shaped silhouette without being clingy. And this is a staple in Yona’s designs – that they are office appropriate but still feminine.

It was a little loose (I am wearing the 1X, which I normally wear) so it is refreshing that their sizing isn’t on the small side like with so many plus size brands. I had to cinch the back so this is why it appears to be sweeping upward on the sides. The normal fit, as shown on the model below, won’t have this effect.



I liked the loose kimono sleeves and the romantic floral pattern. I am wearing my shapewear because I am more comfortable feeling supported but this is definitely a style that wouldn’t require it.


In keeping with my girly styling tendencies, I went with a laser cut wedge, coral earrings and an orange floral hair clip. To turn this into a smart work look, I would wear black heels and perhaps a black cardi or jacket, with simple gold earrings.

Special thanks to Annika of the blog The Stylish Reid for snapping these great shots. Editing done by me.

Kimono Floral Dress by Yona New York

Wedge Sandals by Maurices – vintage

Shapewear by SexyPlus Clothing

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Plus Size Outfit of the Day: Summery Delight

That’s how I feel in this delicate summery look. A flowing plus size chiffon dress with pops of neon is just what I need to lift my spirits! Paired with a plus size crochet cardi by Point Zero Curvy brand, open or tied, is on point for a day at the shop. I especially like how the neck strings can be criss-crossed for a bit of sexy sass.

And the sandals by Ardene are surprisingly wide both in the foot and ankle area. Definitely worth a try if you wear wide widths.


Dress vintage

Cardi by SexyPlus Clothing (Point Zero Curvy brand)

Sandals by Ardene – available in store, or alternates here

Earrings by Ardene – vintage, alternates available here

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